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Cash any time, any place

An app that helps you request & find cash from other users in real time.
Forget about bank cards, ATMs and processing fees.

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Request the amount you need

Enter the amount and send your request.
As simple as that.

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Notify those around you

Based on your current location, a notification will be sent to nearby users.
Spread the word. In real time.

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Pick your match

Get a list of all the users that offered to help you.
Choose according to rating, distance or cost.

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Get rewarded

Instantly receive your reward for helping another user.
Use your Cashloop wallet to spend your points as you wish.

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Cash any time, any place

Be part of a community that rewards its users every time they make cardless payments & withdrawals.


Choose the amount you need, pick a radius and send your request. Other users will act as a Virtual ATM for you.

Location based notifications

Based on your current location, we help you notify those around you or find a retailer offering to help you.

Get Notified

Shortly after your request, you will receive a notification with all the nearby users willing to help you.
If you change your mind, simply cancel your request!

Pick your match

You are free to make your pick from those that accepted to help!
Sort them out based on distance, rating, or fee requested.

Get rewarded

Once the transaction is complete, you will receive your reward points. You simply have to choose where to redeem them!
Join the loop & Close the Circle.

Special Features

How it works

Download the app

Download the app from Google Play store and AppStore

Link your bank account

In order to use the app, you will need to link your profile to a bank account. This will allow you to use our special application features.

Verify your identity

Once you complete all registration details, we will ask you to verify your identity. This acts as an extra layer of security.

Request cash

You are all set. Login and discover a new way of financial transactions, request and find cash anytime, anywhere!

Choose a user

You will receive a list with all nearby users that accepted to help. Choose the one you want based on rating, distance, or amount of extra fee.

Get Cash

Meet the fellow user who chose to help you, he/she will give you the requested amount. Don't forget to be polite!


A quick but thorough verification process between you will take place, making sure the transaction is completed. You just joinded a new Financial Social Network!

Meet the Team

Akis Athanasiadis

Founder | Managing Director

Konstantinos Tetradakos

Co-Founder | Full Stack Developer

Dimitris Tsaousis

Co-Founder | Full Stack Developer

Frequently asked questions

Yes, you have to meet with a Cashloop user in order to receive the cash you requested. Once you pick your match, a private chat will open between you and the other user in order to arrange when and where to meet! Don’t forget that no physical card is needed, just your mobile phone.
Yes, it is perfectly safe to meet another Cashloop user in person. All of our users have their profiles linked to at least one bank account, meaning that they are already verified bank account holders.
If for whatever reason you are not feeling confident meeting another user in person, we provide you with an alternative. You can make cash withdrawals through one of our enrolled retailers. Every time you make a request, our nearest enrolled retailers will appear in the map, so you can pick the one you prefer.
No, Cashloop does not support cash withdrawals from ATM’s. Our goal is to provide you with a better, faster and more convenient alternative. From now on you can withdraw cash from any Cashloop user near you, who will act as your virtual ATM.
In the unfortunate case you lose your phone, you can contact us directly through our website. One of our employees will be happy to help you disable your account fast and effectively.
Of course you can make payment using your mobile phone to anyone of our enrolled retailers.
Either you are requesting or providing cash, or simply making a payment to a retailer, Cashloop rewards you for your loyalty! You will be able to redeem your reward points at one of our enrolled retailers.
In the case where you meet with another Cashloop user to give or receive cash, we have set up a 360° verification process, making each and every transaction perfectly secure for both ends.

Coming soon

The Cashloop app will be available soon, on Google Play Store & Apple Store.

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